Early Impressions of NBA Playoffs(Eastern Conference)

Haven’t written here in a bit. Sometimes life, even for this basketball addict, takes center stage. But I got a little free time and now that all the series are past game 2 it seems right to give a brief recap. In one word the playoffs can be summed up pretty simply, uneventful. But here’s a little more than one word on each series:

Heat vs Bucks (2-0)

The Bucks have shown that for a half and even 3 quarters they can compete. They’ve shown enough to make me feel pretty comfortable with them taking a game in Milwaukee. The massive runs the Heat have used to open the games wide open are hard to do on the road. The Bucks should get more contributions from role players at home and a few more calls.

Nets vs Bulls (1-1)

After game 1 I think we all thought this series was over. The Nets finally looked like the team to challenge the Heat most of us thought they could be. But then Game 2 happened. Gerald Wallace disappeared, Joe Johnson was once again inefficient, and PJ Carleisimo reminded you why he’s one of the best Assistant coaches in the league. Not to take away from the Bulls gutsy effort. Watching Joakim Noah give all he has while barely being able to walk was inspiring. But also made you question Derrick Rose, made you think about what could’ve been. But I’ll post more on that subject later. Still think the Nets win the series but they now put themselves in a real fight with a scrappy Bulls squad.

Pacers vs Hawks (2-0)

Ok, show of hands, who outside of Atlanta and Indiana are paying attention to this series? Better yet, who inside are? I’ve watched about a half of each of the first 2 games and it’s been everything I expected; boring and not entertaining whatsoever. But from a strategic standpoint, the Hawks have to go big. The two games they won vs the Pacers in the regular season they went big. And Zaza Pachulia is hurt and that makes it difficult, Ivan the Terrible(Johnson) will have to do at the 4 spot. Move Josh Smith to the 3 and create a tougher matchup for Paul George. He’s destroying Kyle Korver and all the little guys they’re throwing at him. Good news for the Hawks, they’ve won 11 in a row vs the Pacers at home. Bad news for the rest of us, that means this may go on a while…

Knicks vs Celtics (2-0)

This was my upset special. And for a total of 48min this series I look like a genius! Unfortunately for the other 48min I’ve looked like a complete idiot. I still think Boston will win the next 2 at home, but I’m not very confident in that pick at this point. I just don’t know what happens to Boston at halftime, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s Garnett’s health. But I know there’s too much pride there to be swept. As far as the Knicks, I don’t actually think they are playing too well. They’re playing well enough to win and are helped by Boston scoring an embarrassing 48 total points combined in the 2nd halves. Should they win this series the matchup vs the Pacers will be entertaining.

All in all, the Eastern Conference playoffs are going as planned. I’m still holding out hope D-Rose comes back and shakes things up. Short of that, we all know how this is going to go. Coming up 3pm pst my West Playoff update! Be sure to come back and check that out!

Thanks for reading, Life of A Basketball Addict. I appreciate the reads and likes. Be sure to like, comment, follow, and share. Like the Nike slogan goes, Basketball never stops. And special shoutout to my former High School basketball teammate Matt Austin, Wide Receiver from Utah State, who’s an NFL Draft hopeful. Whether it be tonight, tomorrow, Saturday, or as a Rookie Free Agent, I have no doubt he’ll make it big. Congrats Matt!

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