Early Impressions of NBA Playoffs(Western Conference)

Getting right into it!

Thunder vs Rockets (2-0)

This series is exactly where I thought it would be! And after Game 2 I feel really good about this series going 7. I think Coach Mckhale’s decision to go small was genius. Beverly’s tenacity and energy gave the Thunder fits! Also it took the ball out of Jeremy Lin’s hands. This stage seems clearly too big for him. To me, this will be another example of a team going home making a huge difference. The end of Game 2 was a prime example, where Chandler Parsons misses a wide open 3 at the top of the key and Delfino misses an open 3 on the wing. In contrast, Ibaka hits a wing jumpshot on a broken play in scramble mode and Sefalosha hits a 3 on a Durant drive and kick. Not to say these same things don’t happen in Houston but we all know that on the road those things have a tendency to be flipped. Plus Harden will likely get to the line even more in Houston. I love the play of Asik and Smith inside. The way they crash the offensive boards after Harden drives could ultimately be the difference. With Ibaka going for every shot block, the weak side board possibilities are endless. I still see this as an exciting 7 game series in which OKC prevails.

Clippers vs Grizzlies (2-0)

This one has been extremely shocking. The ease with which the Clippers have handled the Grizzlies was unexpected. I know the last game came down to a Chris Paul buzzer beater, but at no point did you really feel the Grizzlies could get it done. They lack a go-to primary scorer and it has showed obviously so far. The Clippers, on the other hand, have that in CP3. But their lack of offensive flow and ingenuity by the coaching staff are questionable at best. It showed in the 4th quarter of Game 2 when they struggled to close the game out. Playing too much one on one basketball. All that said, I’m changing my prediction on this one, the Clippers are just too much for the Grizzlies. I have the Clippers in 5 now. They are a great NBA road team.

Nuggets vs Warriors (1-1)

This series is shaping up to be very enjoyable. It is deeply saddening that David Lee, after years of trying to make the post season, is out for the rest of the playoffs. That should mean that Denver wins this series easily. But after that Game 2 shooting performance by the Warriors it’s so hard to pick against them. I know the odds of them repeating that are slim but with them going home to the best playoff crowd in the league they just might. And with the Nuggets being such a poor freethrow shooting squad, going to a hostile environment, and being a bad road team; these next two games don’t look so good for the Nuggets. I got the W’s winning the next 2 but Denver still winning the series in 7.

Spurs vs Lakers (2-0)

Well this one has broken my heart as a Laker fan. The Spurs aren’t necessarily playing like juggernauts, but the Lakers are so banged up it doesn’t matter. And with Tim Duncan playing Dwight Howard to a draw basically, the Spurs have a stranglehold on this series. Dwight needed to dominate this series, and while he isn’t playing terribly, he’s not doing what he’s supposed to. At some point he has to lead the Lakers to at least one victory in this series. I do think the Lakers steal one at home but seeing this going past 5, with all the injuries, is just too difficult. Thus concluding the worst season in Lakers franchise history. Arguably NBA history.

Well that’s it on my early playoff impressions. Look for another update at the beginning of the second round.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to like, comment, follow, and share. All support is greatly appreciated. It’s just another day in the Life of A Basketball Addict, but I’m pretty excited about tonight’s NFL Draft. Raider Nation! Don’t judge, lol.

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