A Little About This Basketball Addict

This is just a simple blog, by a simple guy, who happens to be addicted to basketball. I figured instead of bombarding my Facebook friends with all my basketball posts I’d take my act somewhere else, somewhere I can get really in depth at.

A little about me basketball wise: Played high school ball. Been a high school basketball coach for about 7yrs now. Lifelong Laker Fan and Michigan State Basketball Fan. Worked with, alongside, and under some pros, former pros, and pro coaches. So I do know a little about this game I love.

Lastly, my site URL link, masterstoda. Stoda is my Star Wars name(don’t hate lol) and no, I did not give it to myself. Not sure how Star Wars and hoops are related… I guess Phil Jackson’s Zen is the basketball equivalent of the force…. Anyhow, check in from time to time and I just might have something that you want to read! And always feel free to leave a comment! I’ll try my best to respond.


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