NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

If you read my earlier post about this NBA season as a whole you know I’m not overly excited about the upcoming playoffs. It stinks of being extremely predictable. After listening to most of the “expert” predictions, I see they find it hard to find the drama as well. But I’ll try, with that said here are my predictions.

Let’s start with the Eastern Conference:

1st seed Miami Heat vs 8th seed Milwaukee Bucks

Strangely enough, the Heat have had some struggles vs the Bucks. The Bucks speed and athleticism give the Heat some early troubles in games. But the Heat are well… The Heat. I’m giving the Bucks one game out of sentiment.

4th seed Brooklyn Nets vs 5th seed Chicago Bulls

I know the Bulls won the regular season series (3-1) but the playoffs are a different animal. No D-Rose will be the difference to me. I love everything about the Bulls, except they can’t score. There are rumblings that Rose may play but I can’t imagine that. Brooklyn has been playing well. Going 35-19 since PJ Carlesimo took over. And with big shot makers like Joe Johnson and D-Will I think the Nets will overcome the Bulls stingy D.

3rd seed Indiana Pacers vs 6th seed Atlanta Hawks

This gets my vote as least watchable series. I’m pretty sure every one of these games will be banished to NBA playoff purgatory on NBA TV. And while I do enjoy watching Paul George, one can only watch Roy Hibbert be soft and Josh Smith take bad shots so long. It actually will probably be competitive but George will be the difference. Not sure Atlanta can defend him.

2nd seed New York Knicks vs 7th seed Boston Celtics

I really think Doc Rivers can pull this off. The Knicks style of play scream upset. Boston is 2nd in 3pt fg% defense and will force Knicks shooters into contested shots. Avery Bradley will force, the already turnover prone, Raymond Felton into more turnovers. And Jeff Green will make Carmelo work for his. This pick is somewhat biased, I loathe the Knicks and Carmelo. But even more than that, I just really like the match up for the Celtics. And never underestimate the emotion of the tragedy in Boston. They’re playing for a community in need of hope.

We’ll get into 2nd round match-ups when they are set but my brief predictions:

Heat over Nets 4-2
Pacers over Celtics 4-2

Conference Finals

Heat over Pacers 4-1

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