Worst Season in NBA History???

I heard this question recently asked in a line at the grocery store, never know what you’ll hear there. Anyhow, I didn’t give it much thought at the time. Then after watching some NBA ball last night I thought about it. My first thought, “this season has been gre… Goo… Damn…” Now I don’t know if I’d call it the worst season in NBA history. But the truth of the matter is it’s been rather boring and predictable.

But the Heat won 27 in a row!

I know, I know. And while that was mildly entertaining the disappointment of them losing to an undermanned Bulls squad kind of kills the buzz. Had that streak been ended by the Spurs, Thunder, Celtics, or Lakers I’d upgrade from mildly entertaining. Also, is this not what all of us expected when the Big 3 got together? Domination? I’ll get back to that later.

What about the failure of the Lakers?

A great storyline the first 5 weeks or so, shocking when Mike Brown was fired, extremely interesting when Phil Jackson was mentioned, inspiring when Bernie Bickerstaff took over, confusing when Mike D’Antoni got the job, and old around the All-Star break. It’s just been so over talked and written about, in part because there’s not much else to grasp to.

The Return?

Biggest let down of them all… Still no Rose. Could’ve been the saving grace of this season with D-Rose being not only one of the best players in this league, but also one of the most respected, inspiring, and not to mention marketable stars. Instead his still being absent has added to the overall disappointment of the season.

The playoffs should be good right?

Meh… The last few years I’ve proclaimed each playoffs to be the greatest yet! But this year, not so much. The Heat have a cake walk through the Eastern Conference. Can you really see the Knicks or Pacers in the Finals? They have inexplicably struggled versus the Bucks and while it would be entertaining if the Bucks somehow pulled off an upset that would top the 8th Seeded Warriors dominating the 1 Seed Mavericks, the next day we’ll be hit with the realization that we still have to watch the Bucks… The west, though slightly more entertaining, will likely have a similar storyline. The Spurs are predictably falling apart in April despite Pop’s best efforts. The Clippers defense is too questionable and offense is too Chris Paul reliant to see as real Finals contender, despite their wealth of depth. Denver, seen this one before. Trick us all into believing you are real, then lose in the first round. There’s the outside shot that the Lakers get hot and make this thing dramatic but I doubt it. The Thunder, though extremely flawed and it’s hard to trust Westbrook sometimes, will likely just overwhelm all Western Conference foes. Which gets us Heat-Thunder II, which will be about as interesting as the first time around.

I’m still going to watch every minute I can though. I’m a basketball addict, after all. Inevitably, something will change. The entire playoffs can be changed on one turned ankle or one unforeseen injury, like D-Rose last year. I hope I’m wrong about my outlook but I call em like I see em.

In writing all this, I’m reminded of hearing former players and coaches talking last year about the impact of a condensed season. They all talked about how it was the season after that suffered most. That playing that condensed season was like playing two seasons in one. The 1998 NBA Lockout was different though. But I guess I can’t argue, the proof is in the pudding as they say.

You know the drill by now: subscribe, follow, like, share, and comment! You think differently? Let me know, I’ll give you a worthwhile response. You like my opinion and writing? Tell me so I can thank you personally. Interact with me, I enjoy sports banter. Another day in the Life of A Basketball Addict, wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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